Saturday, December 17, 2011

With family in Sorrento 2010


  1. So great to figure out finally how to access my gmail account and see these faces and smiles

  2. My earliest memories involve going to Maine to be the flower girl in your mother and father's wedding. I remember seeing Henderson waiting for the plane to land (can you believe that he was in Maine?!?) as my father pointed him out on the tarmac.
    I do not remember this at the time but it was a common story told about an unexpected visitor arriving in Sorrento at the time of the wedding. A very unprepossessing man arrived at the house asking for J. Gamble; J. Gamble had written an interesting article in a dairy journal and he wanted to meet him, this J. Gamble. There was some surprise when this visitor discovered it was J. Gamble's wedding day and that J. Gamble was the bride!
    Jane was always so generous with me and seemed to understand my love of animals. Christmas time always meant a new supply of wonderful books about Elsa, the lionness, about otters, wolverines, horses and many others. She let me gain some dairy experience by working at Laneway to help my application to veterinary school.
    Later gardening was fun to discuss with her--I have various magnolias, stewartia, yellow wood among others thanks to her conversations.
    Of course Christmas Eve night celebrations were always special. Even now when Kiki and I are together on Christmas Eve, we mention to each other those times being with the Heywards.