Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ever since the first day I met Mrs. Heyward (as I always called her despite close friendship and wonderful times together), when she demonstrated her ability at age 60 to do headstands in my living room, I have been extremely fond of her. In recent years I have much looked forward to an annual visit in Sorrento with her and with whatever other family members might join us. The many and varied times with her were truly special.

When I came into her life, Kristin and Thor did too. I cannot adequately express how appreciative I have always been of how she so warmly welcomed all three of us into her life and family. The importance of that to us cannot be overestimated. We were truly privileged.

My very best wishes to every member of the extended Heyward/Chafee/Gamble clan at this time as you celebrate Mrs. Heyward's life.

Ben Emory

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