Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last visit with a child of mine

I wanted my children to know my mother. I wanted them to pick up some essence from her. In Samsun's last visit with her in October of 2011, he somehow "got" what I wanted - to experience someone determined to live life fully - even to the end she loved engaging with people and hearing about their lives (adventures especially), she loved sharing her garden, she loved exploring, she loved "getting out". Last October,the three of us took a drive up to the Blue Ridge and drove south where we "didn't have to pay". At her insistence we followed the wrong road until it dead ended. But the scenery was breathtaking - fall golden sculpted shapes - Mom full of her stories about Humpback and Appalachian trail hikers - chatting on and on, her enthusiasm still glimmering for her beloved mountains. By the time we drove back, Samsun was seduced by the scenery and her stories. Why don't we live here? "I love Grandma".

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